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The specific manufacturers we are targeting are...

general beverage drinks (including milk, juices & water, etc.),

sports & energy drink producers,

alcoholic beverage &

soft drink producers,

... for various and specific reasons, mostly related to celebrity-endorsed products, to create a much stronger bond between the endorser and the product, where consumers are much more driven to WANT the product..


l The design is stand-out-unique, something that is very difficult to find in this industry.

l Several dynamics are already in place within the product mixes, at all of the beverage and soft drink manufacturers, and the direct, easy tie-ins will be divulged at a marketing presentation where responsible decision makers are present.

l This product design and concept will easily be the rage of all drink consumers, whether soft drinks, energy drinks, nutritional drinks, alcohol consumers, or general beverage consumers.

l Savvy marketers from all beverage producers will see this and quickly get on board, or be lost in the wake, if we take it elsewhere.

l None of this is rhetoric, the facts will prove themselves, and only to companies which get with the program.



l This is an area where we can normally delineate many clear features, advantages and benefits.

    +  The feature is that the soda can becomes a more pronounced demonstration of the tie-in between the beverage company and its celebrity endorser(s).

    +  The advantage is that it capitalizes on a contract that already exists, or will exist, but does it in such a way that the beverage manufacturer will garner much more recognition, and the resulting attention will catapult sales by those who recognize how valuable these endorsers are.

    +  The benefit will be a firm and positive long-term connection made between endorsers and beverage manufacturers.  There are certain endorsers in the market place, who are thought to be "IT," as in THE representative of the company, akin to a hero or heroin.  Our marketing design will springboard such endorsers and beverage manufacturers, with a very positive CONNECTION between the two.

Unfortunately, the design is so simple that it will only be divulged to the company(s) who wish to partake, at the behest of our highly qualified marketing presentation group.



Where many manufacturers produce and deliver over a billion cans a day globally, this product will fit nicely, drawing specialized attention to the product line, through the company's celebrity endorser(s).

It is anybody's guess at repeat sales, and further market penetration with more augmented designs, utilizing this concept.

l Very conservative estimates - the entire globe will desire this product within a year.


Further Augmented & Specialized Designs ARE In Progress


We welcome serious inquiries only.

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